Frequently Asked Questions

  • Products

  • What do I get with Resume Reinvention?
  • We consult with you in a 30 minute session about your skills and experience and deliver a resume that showcases your talents and skills. Delivered in text format, and additional formats upon request (Word, PDF, etc.). You can waive the 30 minute session and supply info about your skills and experience via e-mail if you prefer.
  • What do I get with LinkedIn™ Lift?
  • We review your current LinkedIn profile, as well as your background (in a 30 minute session), and optimize your profile to highlight your talents and experience. You can waive the 30 minute session and supply info about your skills and experience via e-mail if you prefer.
  • What do I get with Career Coach (Single Session)?
  • A one hour session with an expert in your field, on the topic(s) of your choice. Advice on career changes, last minute interview tips, prep for job fairs, and other areas where talking with an expert working in the field gives you that edge over the competition.
  • What does "Rush" service do?
  • We'll make sure to deliver your service within 24 hours of purchase. This is subject to your availability, as Resume Reinvention and LinkedIn™ Lift require a 30 minute consultation, unless you explicitly waive it.
  • Subscription Services

  • How is a Career Coach subscription different from a single session?
  • Just like athletes, careers are our bread and butter, they bring home 90%+ of your income. Regular coaching optimizes your career; bumping up that raise, putting you ahead of the pack for that promotion, shifting into the right company when they're on the rise, and so on. Our coaches are professionals working in in-demand industries (tech, material science, medicine) in one of the most competitive areas in the country, Silicon Valley, California. They know what it takes to get to the top, and will shift your career into high gear.
  • How is a Career Coach selected for me?
  • We select a member from our team who has experience in your current career.
  • Do I always have the same Career Coach?
  • We try our best to make sure you do.
  • Can I pick a different one?
  • Yes, just ask.
  • Customer Service

  • What is your refund policy for products?
  • We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you're not for some reason, just send an e-mail to with the subject "Refund" and the e-mail you used for purchase in the body, and we'll refund your money.
  • Even subscriptions?
  • Same process, but this only applies for the current month of your subscription.
  • I have some feedback, where can I send it?
  • We're happy to hear from you, feel free to send any feedback to us at
  • Pricing

  • Why are these services so expensive?
  • All of our coaches, resume writers, online profile optimizers, and coaches are currently employed in either tech, material science, and medical fields in Silicon Valley. They hail from Google, Amazon, Nvidia, Intel, Cadence, and more. To be able to leverage that expertise, we have to pay competitive rates.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
  • Yes! For students, first responders, active military, veterans, and folks temporarily between jobs, we offer a DISCOUNT discount, just use the promotion code PROMO_CODE_GOES_HERE during checkout.
  • How do you verify that someone is eligible to use the discount?
  • We want to make using it as simple as possible, so we work on the honor system. If someone used a discount without meeting those requirements, we reserve the right to cancel the service and refund the purchase price.

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